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Zeetta Optimise - Data Sheet

    Guide added by Zeetta Networks on 10 Feb 2021
Easily manage connectivity services across your LTE/5G private network

The ever-increasing network complexity demands automation to maintain businesses productivity and competitiveness. However, adoption of network automation is limited by the ‘fear of the unknown’ stemming from possible instability caused by legacy, such as poor configurations and hidden or stranded services which often results in expensive and disruptive transformation projects.

Zeetta solves this problem with minimum costs and disruption by following a systematic approach of network modernisation. It starts with the discovery and complete Visualisation of the true condition of your network. After that, the efficiency of the network is Optimized to achieve stability and high levels of performance. Finally, a resilient network is delivered through Automation of its operations to ‘Unlock the Power of the Network’.

Zeetta Optimise is the second step in that journey. It is a versatile multi-technology and multi-vendor network controller that simplifies network operations and eliminates human error that cause more than 70% of network outages. Optimise substantially reduces the time spend in creating and managing connectivity services as it automatically computes the optimal data path for the delivery of the service and configures all the necessary network elements as required. Most importantly, Optimise knows the state of the network in real time and allows the network operator to make network changes with live data. This beats automated scripting frameworks and removes the necessity to employ network specialists in managing the network.