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Zeetta Visualise - Data Sheet

    Guide added by Zeetta Networks on 10 Feb 2021
Revealing the true picture of multi-vendor & multi-technology private LTE/5G enterprise networks

The ever-increasing network complexity demands automation to maintain businesses productivity and competitiveness. However, adoption of network automation is limited by the ‘fear of the unknown’ stemming from possible instability caused by legacy, such as poor configurations and hidden or stranded services which often results in expensive and disruptive transformation projects.

Zeetta solves this problem with minimum costs and disruption by following a systematic approach of network modernisation. It starts with the discovery and complete Visualisation of the true condition of your network. After that, the efficiency of the network is Optimized to achieve stability and high levels of performance. Finally, a resilient network is delivered through Automation of its operations to ‘Unlock the Power of the Network’.

Zeetta Visualise is the first step in that journey. It automatically detects network devices and interconnecting links to build an accurate and true picture of the network across layers (PHY/L2/L3), domains (LAN/WLAN/Cellular) and vendors. It uses a unique, service-centric view of the network to identify how network changes, faults or outages impact connectivity. It also supports real-time host tracking and easy integration with third party NMS and alarm systems to deliver an effective and efficient management of the network.