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    Use Case Trials

    WMCA & Vodafone 5G Project - Andy Street & Anne Sheehan interview.

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    The facts behind 5G safety

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  • UK5G

    Demystifying 5G - Unleashing the Transformative Power of 5G in Industry

  • Use Case Trials

    WM5G & AppyWay - Kerbside 5G Use Case

  • Use Case Trials


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    5G and Edgenomics

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    5G for Creative Industries

  • Why the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory is false

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  • Misinformation, media and trust

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  • UK5G

    5G for Marketing

  • UK5G

    5G for Sport

  • CreativeXR: How 5G and AI can transform immersive content

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    IBC 2020 Challenge Promo

  • 5G cities of the future

  • Use Case Trials

    AutoAir Past and Future

  • UK5G

    5G for arts and heritage

  • Use Case Trials

    5PRING - 5G Accelerators - Launch Video

  • Use Case Trials

    5G-Enabled Road and Rail Transport Trials in the West Midlands

  • 5G Create Competition - Recording of Briefing Event

  • Introducing Digital Catapult's 5G Testbed Accelerator cohort: Percept Imagery