Adam Beaumont

Professor of Cyber Security, University of Leeds

About Adam

Professor Adam Beaumont started his tech career involved in building the first cyber teams for an agency of the MOD alongside projects in secure mobile communications. He is the CEO and founder of aql, one of the largest Regulated number hosting companies in the UK. He is also CEO of Bluewave communications, a full GSMA member and full licensed mobile and maritime operator. He has built pioneering platforms in IoT, IP Telephony, messaging and signalling. He was the architect and designer of the first UK RIPA process management platform. He is the co-founder of the first not for profit, mutual internet exchange outside of London. His cyber work centres around his term "TrustTech" - creating the integrity, provenance and trust in communication, storage and control systems to ensure data driven decisions can be trusted. He is also the founder of Northinvest, a not-for-profit which brings seed angels and startups together. He has invested in a portfolio of companies from child safety to human jet propulsion. His current work is investigating the next generation of trust and control systems for autonomous systems.