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Climate & Environment Working Group

The Climate & Environment Working Group has been initiated to help address the issues and impact 5G will have on the world's climate how these potential issues can be mitigated against.

Key aims of the working group will be to:

  • Act as a platform for the UK5G community to promote understanding of direct (supply side) and indirect (demand side) lifecycle impacts of implementing 5G
  • Serve as a locus for relevant inter project collaborations, assisting exploration of opportunities to reduce direct impacts and surfacing solutions which produce positive indirect impacts
  • Draw conclusions on the practicalities of building out 5G with net positive environmental impact
  • Assist in identifying unintended environmental consequences of the 5G roadmap
  • Encourage further R&D in this space
  • Help inform DCMS, BEIS and Ofcom on the environmental implications of the roll-out and adoption of 5G in the UK
  • Act as an interface between UK5G and other environmental initiatives.

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