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Connected Places

If the adoption of 5G technologies by the UK is to be accelerated, a key area of focus is on places, and particularly the ability of Local Authorities to work with their partners in communications, infrastructure, investment, public service and business to secure digital infrastructure for their regions and encourage its use.

DCMS 5G Trial initiatives such as the Urban Connected Community project (WM5G) and the upcoming Rural Connected Community projects are designed to accelerate adoption and to prove business cases for 5G approaches in a variety of industries, including the digitalisation of public services. Of necessity, these programmes are specific to geographical areas or domains.

There is a general need to develop cross-sector understanding of the commercialisation of 5G, the transformation of services it enables, and the links to placemaking whilst these projects are in progress. The sharing of learning and insights, and the development of common approaches and toolsets, an understanding of barriers to adoption, drawing on global best practice, would be helpful.

The UK5G Connected Places Working Group wishes to enable the dissemination of best practice and use cases, and to build a community of interest. A number of Advisory Board members, and Associate Partners (for example the Connected Places Catapult & BSI) are working actively in this space already. The UK5G Connected Places Working Group will leverage these relationships to share the benefits of 5G between Places. The Working Group will advise on the development a viable and achievable plan for encouraging the adoption of 5G technologies in places.

Core Working Group documents

Working group chairs

  • Eman Martin-Vignerte
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  • Rick Robinson
    Director of Smart Places, Digital Infrastructure and Telecommunications
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Working group members

  • Ammar Khalid
    Strategy Manager
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  • Andrew Roughan
    Managing Director
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  • Ann Williams
    Commissioning and Contracts Manager of Adult Social Services
    Liverpool City Council
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  • Craig Bower
    Programme Director
    Oxfordshire County Council
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  • Dave Kinshott
    5G Infrastructure Acceleration Consultant
    West Midlands 5G
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  • David Cuckow
    Head of Digital Sector
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  • Dejan Bojic
    Associate Director
    Connected Places Catapult
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  • Gary Thompson
    Director of Development
    Staffordshire University
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  • Geoffrey Stevens
    Urban Technology Lead
    Connected Places Catapult
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  • Glenn Peacey
    Programme Director
    Hampshire County Council
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  • Graham Pinfield
    Smart Perth Project Coordinator
    Perth and Kinross Council
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  • Graham Thrower
    Head of Infrastructure and Investment
    Urban Foresight
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  • John Okas
    Strategic Wireless Consultant
    Real Wireless
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  • Keith Miller
    Pendragon Management
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  • Fin Kelly
    Broadband and Smart Cities Strategic Lead
    West London Alliance
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  • Michael Davey
    Technical Consultant
    Connecting Norfolk
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  • Nathan Pierce
    Programme Director
    Smart Cities
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  • Noelle Godfrey
    Programme Director
    Cambridgeshire County Council
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  • Paul Moss
    Director & Co-Founder
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  • Sarah Robb
    Head of Regional
    Digital Catapult
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  • Ste Ashton
    Programme Manager Economy & Infrastructure
    Worcestershire County Council
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  • Sig Mikladal
    Senior Programme Development Lead - Commercial
    Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
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  • Steve Bromham
    Save9 Limited
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  • Steven Peel
    Senior Executive - Urban Innovation
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  • Vassilis Seferidis
    Zeetta Networks
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  • Xavier Priem
    Senior Research Fellow
    The University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab
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