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If the adoption of 5G technologies by UK industry is to be accelerated, then a key of focus has to be uptake from small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). These businesses make up approximately 99% of all businesses, and 52% of UK business turnover.

UK5G has established a new Working Group which will work to engage SMEs in conjunction with Local Enterprise Partners (LEPs) in England and equivalent bodies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Working Group will advise on the development a viable and achievable plan for encouraging SME and other business adoption of 5G technologies. This advice may take the form of strategic thinking integrated with LEP’s own economic strategies which may contribute towards a stand-alone, UK-wide policy report in the future.

Core Working Group documents

Working group champions

  • Adrian Braine
    CEO & Founder
    Candescence Ltd

    Adrian is co-founder of Root21, a technology accelerator working with hi-tech start-ups and SMEs focused on 5G and Immersive technologies. He is also a business coach at the Southampton Science Park, was Entrepreneur in Residence for 40 companies at SETsquared Basingstoke and worked extensively on SME engagement for the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre. He is a member of UK5G’s Working Group for SME Engagement and has been a consultant on “Digital Connectivity and 5G Networks” for Enterprise M3’s Local Industrial Strategy.

    Adrian is also CEO and founder of Candescence a company providing innovation, entrepreneurship and go to market expertise to hi-tech companies. In a career spanning more than 40 years, he has held international director level positions in management; marketing and engineering that provide a rare combination of technology innovation, commercialisation and go-to-market expertise.

    Working at the cutting edge of technologies like 5G, VR/AR/MR, Gaming, AI and Machine Learning, he helps companies and local authorities to understand and exploit technology and adapt to its impact. He regularly presents to businesses and local authorities on the benefits and impact of 5G and his work has been instrumental in bringing the “5G Living Lab” and a state of the art VR Studio to Basingstoke.

  • Andrew Lambert
    Electronic Media Services

    Andrew Lambert CEng FIET MIoD is the Founder and CEO of Electronic Media Services Ltd (EMS) and Founder and COO of Fibre Ltd. Andrew is a Chartered Engineer and an experienced board level executive with a proven record of developing new technology to solve business problems with extensive practical experience of working in Europe and Asia.

    In 1995 he founded EMS, a Technology Consultancy and Telecoms Company, which manufactures, the award winning i-MO® 4G/5G WAN router appliances and associated Optibond® Software Defined Networking (SDN) cloud management software.

    Andrew is a Founder and COO for Fibre Ltd a telecoms company that installs fibre broadband to new housing developments. Andrew is a former SME board member of The Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and chairs the Enterprise and Innovation Action Group.

    Andrew is a member of the UK5G LEP & SMEs Working Group and the UK5G International Working Group.

    He is also chair of the Institute of Directors (IoD) London International Trade Special Interest Group.

  • William Hicks
    Head of Infrastructure
    Thames Valley Berkshire LEP
  • Brendan Crossey
    Healthcare Analytics Limited

    Over the last 25 years, the CEO of Healthcare Analytics, Brendan Crossey has gained extensive knowledge of deliver innovative technology solutions into the manufacturing, healthcare and energy sectors.

    Brendan has spent the last 5 years establishing several start-up businesses and has spent time working with Investors and Innovation Labs in Ireland, UK and the US.

    Previously Brendan spent 9 years building and developing EMC’s presence in Northern Ireland with a strong focus on service transformation using Data Analytics, He also spent 7 years with Sun Microsystems and 8 years with Fujitsu Services.

    Brendan was involved in several projects working with the government, universities and other commercial organisations to increase the awareness and use of Data Analytics technologies to transform the Energy, Health and Manufacturing sectors.

    Brendan was a member of the Northern Ireland Matrix panel which advised the government on its policy to support the growing Digital Economy over the next 7 years.

    Brendan founded Healthcare Analytics in September 2016 who have developed a partnership with the Northern Ireland Health Service to build an innovative, scalable and secure platform using advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for the management of Healthcare Assets including Beds, Instruments, patients and staff.

  • Chris Taylor
    Rural Broadband Project Manager
    Shropshire County Council

    Background - Local Government Finance/Computer Audit/ICT Programme Management/Contract Management


  • Colin McLaughlin
    Technology Transfer Manager
    Lancaster University
  • Claire Caminade
    5G Product Lead
    Digital Catapult
  • Dejan Bojic
    Associate Director
    Connected Places Catapult

    Dejan’s main areas of expertise are development of tailored strategies for digital transformation, management of innovation partnerships, and commercial incubation of new solutions. Possessing a broad understanding of the ‘smart technology stack’ his particular background is in data and communication system platforms.

    Most recently Dejan has contributed to development of a vision and market creation strategies for digital transformation of public sector services and infrastructure, working with the UK central and local government to accelerate national adoption of 5G and data science technologies.

    Recent highlights have included West Midlands 5G (WM5G) and 5G Urban Connected Communities (UCC) project with the UK Government department of Digital, Media, Culture and Sports (DCMS), and development and launch of 5G Action Learning Network (ALN) with the Connected Places Catapult. Dejan has also consulted a number of local authorities in the UK on adoption of smart services and advanced connectivity

  • Gary Thompson
    Director of Development
    Staffordshire University

    Gary Thompson is Director of Development at Staffordshire University, with a strong background in Full Fibre Networks and 5G. He has a strong commercial and technical background spanning 25 years covering a range of Multi-Million Innovation, Digital and Economic Development programmes. 

    Recently working for Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the 5G Innovation Centre from the University of Surrey and other partners, he created a vision and strategy for a 5G Region.

    With Sir Terry Matthews and Simon Gibson of Wesley Clover created the original business case for "The Internet Coast" for the Swansea Bay City Region £1.3bn City Deal. He has worked as Chief Investment Officer for Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, and developed an International Internet Gateway and Multi-Terabit Fibre Spine plan for the Cardiff Capital Region.

    His early career with Marconi ignited his passion for communications systems and the way they connect people, places and their future prosperity to make the best of every available economic opportunity. 

    He is excited about the transformative affect communicating using Full Fibre Networks and 5G will have on the development of new economies in Future Energy Systems, Health and Precision Medicine, Autonomous Vehicles and Advanced Manufacturing.

  • Graham Malley
    Principal Director Digital Manufacturing

    I spent my earlier career working within industrial companies delivering large complex Engineering and IT programmes covering all phases of the product lifecycle. ​ ​ I joined Accenture in 2011 to lead their UK PLM practice in the high tech sector and have been fortunate to continue to be involved in a wide range of challenging technology programmes.​

    In 2017 I was asked to programme manage ‘Made Smarter’, the engagement between UK industry and government with the ambitious goal of making the UK a leader in Industrial Digitalisation and address the national productivity issue. This provided excellent insight into the challenges of driving the innovation and adoption of digital technologies within companies of all scale across the breadth of UK industrial sectors.​ ​ ​

  • Jon Egley
    D2N2 Digital Delivery Manager
    East Midlands Chamber

    An extensive background in manufacturing engineering that has encompassed a broad range of digital technology solutions and innovation.  A business growth specialist, supporting businesses to achieve aims and objectives through the introduction and implementation of appropriate digital technologies.  

    A Prince2 practitioner, with extensive experience of project management, supporting teams of digital consultants, events and engagement officers and contract and audit managers. 

    Responsible for the development and delivery of a range of digital themed events, including conferences, workshops, training courses and awareness-raising seminars. I represent the D2N2 Growth Hub at a regional and national level in areas of digital transformation and sit on the UK5G LEPs & SMEs working group.

    I have developed solid systems analysis and design practices and provide digital consultancy services underpinned by ILM level 5 in leadership and management, SFEDI / ILM Level 5 Diploma in Business Support and 30 years of practical experience.

    Current activities included the planning and delivery of a range of Digital business support programmes, delivered across Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham, and Nottinghamshire.

    I compliment the existing business support services provided by other Business support-based organisations and Local Authorities across the East Midlands, including Universities, Department for International Trade (DIT), Princes Trust and Destination Management Partnerships.  I pride myself on delivering a completely impartial and independent digital support service, I work with Business “start-ups” through to multi-national organisations.

  • Jonathan Davies

    My involvement in the Digital sector was ignited at a child when i got hold of my first computer back in the mid 80's and created my first few lines of code that then evolved to link a few wires and bulbs to interact with the real world. At the time although i did not realise it i had probably created a computer controled home automation system on a Dragon 32 computer. From those few lines of code a career spanning over 2 decades in the sector has evolved.

    I have become known as "A friendly trouble maker with a mission to Challenge everything because Disruption is good life is boring if you let others tell you how it should be done." In a number of areas from Digital & Tech to Politics

    I am committed to collaboration and innovation through advancement in Digital & Tech to help better the world. I have a strong belief that through technology we can bring the world together and solve many of the big issues around the world.

    Key to this is advancing connectivity to enable everyone to have high speed always on connectivity.

    I do believe that the best way to make advancement and take great steps forward to evolve is by smashing apart and building better than before.

    Alongside my own business developing software and apps along with IoT, AR, VR and other tech development projects for clients both here in the UK and international. I am co-founder of Wired Cumbria who have worked on various projects aimed at supporting the development of a digital, creative and tech sector in Cumbria. We are supporting the growth of IoT through our Things Cumbria project and promoting digital maturity and the potential to exploit for growth new developments in digital and technolight by Business & communities through our Cumbria Digital project.

  • Karen Cham
    Professorial Lead Connected Futures
    University of Brighton

    Professor Karen Cham FRSA is Professor of Digital Transformation Design at the University of Brighton. She is academic lead of Digital Catapult Centre Brighton and their £1.2m ‘5G Brighton’ testbed project, a named part of the UK Governments 5G Strategy, and the first UK 5G testbed off a research site and aimed at SME innovation for 5G Native products and services.

    Karen leads ‘Connected Futures’ research and enterprise for the University which includes the themes of Digital Health; Immersive, Virtualisation & Simulation; Complex Systems and Digital Economy, under which Catpult & 5G Brighton sit.

    She is also Principal Investigator of the £1.3m European Structural Innovation Fund 'Digital Innovation Value Accelerator' (DRIVA) giving SMEs access to a live proprietorial data feed out of Gatwick Airport, innovation support and funding to release value from data and innovate Next Gen products and services.

    She has 25 years experience in User Centred product design and development for Next Gen digital, including products & services; production methods; business, management & migration models & transformational strategies.

    She is a UK Govt advisor and an internationally recognised expert in human machine convergence. Clients have included PlayStation, Diesel, ITV, Which?, Top Shop & EY. Her current research concerns cognitive computing and valuable singularities in IoT, robotics and immersive environments. 

  • kieran arnold
    Director of Ubiquitous Connectivity & General Manager Westcott BIC
    Satellite Applications Catapult
  • Kirsten Trussell
    Head of Strategy and Policy
    Coast to Capital

    With more than 15 years’ experience of partnership working in the private, public and community sectors, Kirsten heads up the Strategy and Policy team at Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership. Responsible for delivering the LEP’s agenda around skills, innovation including the Brighton 5G Hub), infrastructure, place and business space, Kirsten is currently leading the work on Coast to Capital’s Local Industrial Strategy and engagement with the multi- LEP collaboration “Catalyst South”. Working closely with key partners, stakeholders, local authorities and government departments, Kirsten is adept at building strong relationships that support and drive forward the region’s economic growth and productivity.

  • Keith Robson
    Executive Secretary
    The ERA Foundation

    Managing Director Beta Instrument Ltd

    Managing Director Peek Traffic Systems Ltd

    Founder and Managing Director Scancard Systems Ltd

    Director Business and Enterprise Support Brunel University

    Director Research and Innovation Support University of Surrey and COO 5G Innovation Centre

    Executive Secretary ERA Foundation Ltd

    Chair of the UK5G LEPs & SMEs Working Group

  • Lucy Cross
    Business Development Manager
    Black Country Growth Hub

    My role is an integral part of a team delivering account management to businesses contacting the Growth Hub, offering a individual signposting service into relevant services across the region to help drive business growth.

    I work closely with the Growth Hub’s partners to provide up to date information around business need, supporting local strategies to encourage inward investment and scale up of Black Country SME’s as a core focus.

    I bring with me to role 9 years’ experience supporting start-up businesses, seeing the challenges faced for new businesses to grow and be successful, it is important to me we ensure the correct support and programmes are easily accessible as that business grows and develops, supporting the wider economy in the Black Country and making us the first choice for relocation.

  • Lesley Holt
    West Midlands 5G
  • David Happy
    Telint Ltd
  • Peter Curnow-Ford
    Viatec Associates

    Peter is Founder and Managing Partner at Viatec Associates and its global business

    With 30+ years’ experience in global telecoms and IT, Peter founded Viatec Associates in 2002 to assist organisations with decision making in the cellular, satellite & wireless infrastructure and device space, on investment, key operational and technology trends and thought leadership on wireless landscape, 4G & 5G, spectrum use and acquisition, tower (cell site) development and funding, public safety, handsets, transport connectivity and cellular backhaul including small-cell strategies and mmWave. We have supported many Investment Banks, Private Equity and Hedge Funds on infrastructure investment.

    5G figures large in what we do - commercial strategy, value proposition, investment, spectrum acquisition, Deep Fibre and infrastructure. Deep interest in small-cell, spectrum valuation and auctions, Tower & DAS investment.

    Member of the techUK Communication Infrastructure Council (Previously Board Advisor to the UK Spectrum Policy Forum and was Chair of Spectrum Access and Use for 5 years). Regular conference speaker and has chaired several panel sessions at TMT Finance M&A, 5G World, Small Cell World Summit and the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation. Board Member of the UK Fibre Connectivity Forum (UKFCF) and Tech London Advocates (TLA) 5G WG

    He has held Non-Exec roles in Plasma Antennas, Eisar, Bluenowhere, Safetipay, etc and is currently Board Advisor to Dahl Mobile Technology AB and ProtectMe Ltd

  • Peter Marshall
    Portfolio Markering Manager

    Deputy Chair of the UK5G LEPs & SMEs Working Group

  • Sarah Eynon
    Associate Director
    Scottish Futures Trust

    As a member of the Digital Infrastructure Team at Scottish Futures Trust, Sarah supports innovation and knowledge sharing in respect of 5G deployment and use case development.

    Sarah is a Board member of the Scotland 5G Centre - a national platform for accelerating the deployment and adoption of 5G to realise the potential for Scotland - supported by the Scottish Government. 



  • Jessica Ellis
    Programme Manager - Urban Connected Communities
    Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport