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The UK5G Manufacturing Working Group explores how the unique characteristics of 5G can be exploited to the benefit of high value growth areas in manufacturing, along with developing an understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the supply chain and where vertical collaboration can fast-track digitalisation.

5G networks provide unparalleled opportunities for manufacturers to adopt Industry 4.0 through the application of Integrated Digital Technologies to drive transformational improvements across the whole value chain, bringing inclusive growth that benefits business, individuals and society as a whole.

The Made Smarter review identified growth opportunities of 1.5 – 3% per annum and work underway within the Worcestershire 5G testbed is already proving productivity gains of over 2%, with more to come.

The UK5G Manufacturing working group will seek to explore how the unique characteristics of 5G can be exploited to the benefit of high value growth areas in manufacturing (Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Drink, Construction) plus other key sub-sectors such as automotive,  along with developing our understanding of  the challenges and  opportunities for SMEs in the supply chain and where vertical collaboration can fast-track digitalisation.

We will use our findings to influence policies that will translate into practical solutions on the ground.

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West Midlands 5G

With a recent study finding that 74% of manufacturing decision-makers are considering upgrading their communications networks by 2022, it’s clear that 5G has a leading role to play in the future of the industry. But how can 5G change the face of manufacturing and engineering in the next few years and beyond?

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The 5G-ENCODE Project, is a collaborative project aiming to develop clear business cases and value propositions for 5G applications in manufacturing industry. The project is partially funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport of the UK Government and partners include the National Composites Centre (NCC), Telefonica, Siemens, Toshiba, Solvay, Plataine, Mativision, the University of Bristol and the West of England Combined Authority (WECA)

5G ENCODE Project website

5G ENCODE on UK5G.org

This project will focus on the use of 5G Enabled manufacturing to connect machines allowing real-time feedback, control, analysis and remote expert support. Vodafone mobile private networks will be installed in Ford Motor Company’s Dunton facility and TWI Cambridge. Ford will focus on the connectivity of welding processes used in the manufacture of electric vehicles. TWI will focus on Vacuum Furnace Engineering in connecting their heat treatment equipment. 

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Working group chairs

  • Dritan Kaleshi
    Head of Technology - 5G
    Digital Catapult
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  • Sylvia Lu
    Head of Technology Strategy at u-blox and Director of CW
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Working group members

  • Alejandra Matamoros
    Technology Manager
    The Manufacturing Technology Centre
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  • Fiona Piercy
    CEO Interim
    Worcestershire 5G
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  • Graham Trickey
    Head of IoT Technology
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  • Julian Stephens
    Technical Development Manager
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  • Laura Fenton
    Gate One
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  • Mark Stansfeld
    Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership
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  • Mohammed Al-Imari
    3GPP Standards Specialist
    MediaTek Wireless
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  • Rab (Robin) Scott
    Head of Digital
    University of Sheffield AMRC
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  • Sven Knowles
    Knowledge Transfer Manager
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