3rd Neutral Host & vRAN Workshop

    Venue: Amba Hotel, Charing Cross, London
    Cost: £499.00

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Starts 7 Jul 09:00

Ends 7 Jul 17:00

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This event has been pushed back from the original date of 31 March as a precaution due to COVID-19.

On March 31st 2020, Peter Curnow-Ford and Dean Bubley will run our 3rd workshop (our previous events in July & November 2019 were resoundingly successful) in London. It will cover some of the most interesting topics in telecoms technology and mobile business models: Neutral Hosts Networks (NHNs) with an updated agenda reflecting deeper focus on vertical and public-sector use-cases, and the roles of vRAN and OpenRAN for shared and neutral networks.
NHNs are open-access 4G or 5G mobile networks, using their own infrastructure - and increasingly their own spectrum - as a wholesale platform for national operators, enterprise cellular or new niche/MVNO providers. NHN models are evolving everywhere where coverage, siting or economics pose challenges for national MNOs - indoor, campus, rural, metro, and verticals including road/rail.

There is a strong link between NHNs and private cellular networks. The maturing of virtualised and open RAN platforms builds on the current small-cell and distributed-RAN architectures.

The workshop will cover:

The key uses for NHN deployment are:

  • Technology, including 5G, small cells, network-slicing and vRAN / cRAN / OpenRAN
  • Business models, spanning in-building, city-wide & rural markets and verticals
  • MNOs – how revenues can be shared, amortisation, tariffing
  • Property companies & TowerCos – funding as part of property, investment bank criteria
  • Municipalities - the roles of local government in 5G shared networks
  • Regulatory and economic aspects such as spectrum, wholesale and planning
  • Metropolitan centres needing 4G/5G densification with small cells or virtualised RAN
  • In-building, especially for large sites offices, stadiums, hotels and hospitals Road and rail corridor coverage
  • Industrial sites and transport hubs like ports & airports
  • Enterprise private networks supporting major MNOs' coverage
  • Campus networks such as business parks & major new property developments
  • Multi-site enterprises such as retailers

Experienced workshop facilitators and industry experts
Peter has led and chaired many conference sessions/panels on 5G, Connected Cities, Spectrum for Neutral Host, Investment in Small Cells and has experience in advising mobile clients on network investment, deployment and regulatory areas. Dean Bubley has conducted numerous similar workshops in the past, including on 5G/MVNOs, Private Cellular, & Telcos' Internet "OTT" services, as well as advising national and international regulators, telcos, vendors & investors.

The workshop is held under the Chatham House rule (link), to allow candid & confidential discussion, without external attribution of comments to individuals or their employers. Come prepared to think and talk, as well as listen – this is a “lean-forward” day. 

For agenda and timings, please visit the event page. 

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