5G For Enterprise (Online Course)

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Course Overview

The world of Telecoms is evolving with Telecoms network technologies enabling many innovations in the Enterprise cloud platforms. Specifically, private 5G creates many new services for the Enterprise.

Delivered for the first time, the Enterprise 5G course empowers telecoms professionals to upskill to new technologies like AI, Cloud, IoT and Cyber security – all in the context of 5G. Similarly, if you are a cloud architect (ex: using Azure, AWS or GCP), you can acquire new skills in Enterprise 5G technologies.

This course will provide a unique focus on the capabilities of 5G technology for competitive advantage. It will empower Enterprise architects and developers to build 5G applications for Enterprise and enable Telecoms professions to upskill to AI, Cloud, IoT and Cyber security 5G can provide so much more than enhanced connectivity, and this course will map some of the capabilities of private 5G to industry verticals. The participants will compare and contrast components from the cloud world and the telecoms world

We will also present a methodology for enterprise 5G applications deployment

Programme details

The course is designed for strategists, architects and developers who are interested in deploying 5G in the Enterprise. 

Adopting a use case-based approach, the course empowers Enterprises who aspire to take early advantage of 5G technology, such as network capabilities to develop Enterprise applications. 

5G for Enterprise has been developed in collaboration with Verizon - a lead provider in 5G. Some use cases discussed will be demonstrated in Verizon's 5G lab based in London (subject to the UK government's Covid-19 guidelines). See www.verizon.com/about/our-company/5g

Examples of key areas:

  • Private 5G: Reliable Wireless Connectivity for Verticals
  • 5G & Multi-Access Edge Compute(MEC): Bridging between Physical World and Virtual World
  • Impact on IIOT, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, CyberSec, Edge Computing
  • New Area for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality use cases
  • Vertical adoption - Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media

This course assumes no prior knowledge of 5G.

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