5G for Healthcare, Social Care and Public Safety

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Connected health comes with a variety of use cases bringing a wide range of improvements.

Connected health comes with a variety of use cases bringing a wide range of improvements for patients, doctors and care givers, with significant impacts for society. Collectively, these use cases could hush in new business opportunities, new jobs and more cost-effective health and care services. The floor is open to specialists in the sector and the telecommunication industry willing to take up the challenges.

This webinar zooms in on how 5G can support the digitisation of healthcare, looking at specific requirements and on-going pilots. Insights from the medical profession will give participants first-hand experience on conceiving a 5G pilot tailored around the needs of the hospital IT infrastructure, clinical staff and patients.

Beyond this, the webinar looks at how the public, private and community sectors could work together to lower barriers to 5G rollouts for other services of high societal impact, such as social care and emergency services across rural areas. Insights from world-renowned experts will shed light on how these sectors fit into the overall 5G landscape for industry verticals, the state of play and how we can work together to overcome technical and non-technical challenges.

The interactive panel discussion will explore ways in which the public, private and community sectors can work together to provide the best possible 5G services by pooling together resources and expertise, thereby potentially reducing costs. Panellists will help define priorities and set out a plan for short-term actions aimed at maximising societal benefits across healthcare, social care and public safety. 

Webinar Moderators: Dr Andreas Mueller, Bosch and Chair of the 5G Alliance for Connected Industry and Automation (5G-ACIA) and Stephanie Parker, Trust-IT Services and Vice-Chairperson of the 5G-IA Pre-Standardization Working Group

Please note that the Webinar is taking place in Rome so the time displayed on the resitration page are Central European Summer Time so one hour ahead of BST.  The times below are British Summer Time.

  • 08:30 Welcome and Introduction: A webinar aimed at shaping future actions on 5G for societal benefits
  • 08:35 Over to the audience: Launch of 1st Poll
  • 08:40 Professor Dr. med. Christoph Thümmler, Director, Department of Geriatric Medicine and Early Rehabilitation at Helios Park-Klinikum Leipzig
  • 08:55 Graham Worsley, Safenetics Ltd, UK 5G MANY Project - Developing the Health and Social Care, and Public Safety Use Cases
  • 09:10 Regius Professor Rahim Tafazolli, 5G Innovation Centre, University of Surrey (tbc)
  • 09:25 Over to the audience: Launch of 2nd Poll
  • 09:30-10:55  Interactive Panel Discussion: Deep Dive to prioritise short-term actions targeting 5G for societal benefits
  • 09:55-11:00 Wrap-up and Summary of Next Steps