5G & Manufacturing | Sustainability

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Starts 18 Nov 14:00

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Second in a series of webinars presented by UK5G.

Sustainability is the shared concern of us all. In Manufacturing, time and waste detract from more sustainable processes and products, further improvements can also be made from having control over the entire product life cycle and better control over supply chains.

Data and connectivity are the modern tools contributing to improved sustainability - with the added bonus of a positive uptick to the bottom line. 5G is transformational in this space. The facility and flexibility of 5G deployment improves existing practice, and allows previously untappable compute resources to be brought to bear unlocking new capabilities.

From better design, through better utilisation of resources, to whole life cycle management, 5G techniques are making strides across the sector. Hear about the art of the possible in this event from UK5G and the IET. This event will be of interest to anyone in Manufacturing concerned with sustainability - and with an eye on improving their organisations performance.