5G Realised 2021

    Venue: Hybrid Event, @ Ashurst, London
    Cost: £750.00+VAT

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Starts 1 Jun 09:00

Ends 2 Jun 17:00

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5G Realised Summit will look at use cases for 5G across different industry vertical segments.

This event is part of our innovative series of high-level events designed to bring together industry leaders to explore real applications for 5G and how to realise them.

The 5G Realised Summit will be built around utilizing live streaming to allow the largest interested audience possible to access the content. The ‘on stage’ experience will be in line with expectations for the UK’s leading 5G use-case based event, with the exception of more speakers coming in via the interactive virtual event platform. For the exclusive small group onsite, we will be taking into account social distancing and scheduling in small groups without the need for queues and any other form of involuntary close contact. This will include pre-booked, staged access to the demo and exhibition areas.


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Event Agenda

  • 1st June - Summit 1 - 5G in the UK - The Realities of Implementing 5G
  • 1st June - Summit 2 - 5G Investment & Legal Support
  • 2nd June - Summit 3 - 5G Infrastructure Deployment Practicalities
  • 2nd June - Summit 4 - 5G Future Thinking

Key Agenda Highlights

Summit Track ONE - June 1st - 09.25
New Opportunities with 5G for Creative Industries
By Tom Burton  Head of Interactive, BBC Studios, Stephen Stewart Chief Technology Officer, Factory 42

Format - 15 minute presentation followed by Q&A (slides)
- 5G as an enabler of high quality, immersive experiences
- Creative opportunities unlocked through 5G
- Green Planet 5G AR (DCMS 5G Project)

Summit Track ONE - June 1st - 1.20
KEYNOTE - UK Government ‘Fireside Chat’ - Driving Industry Forward with 5G
By Ros Singleton Chair, UK5G, Matt Warman MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Digital Infrastructure) - UK Government

Format - 20 minute one to one 'fireside chat' interview (no slides)
- Industrial roll out
- Update on testbeds and trials programme
- European leading progress made in the UK

Summit TWO - 1st June - 14.35
KEYNOTE ‘Fireside Chat’- Economic Drivers Fuelling Investment in 5G
By Mirko Voltolini VP Strategy & Innovation, Colt Technology Services, Susannah Storey Director General for Digital and Media, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) - UK Government, Senior Representative, Vodafone Business , Senior Representative, Consumer, BT , Phil Siveter CEO, UK & Ireland, Nokia  , Mark Stansfeld Chair, West Midlands 5G

Format - 4 speakers, 50 minutes, ‘fireside chat’, 3 minute opening remarks each (no slides), followed by group discussion
- What are the existing use cases with a clear business case i.e. coverage?
- Driving economic value
- How does each operator see 5G evolving? Business/industrial clusters or urban/consumer led
- Ensuring the right economic balance of risk and reward
- Supporting 5G rollout
- Harnessing government procurement to accelerate 5G applications and service evolution
- 5G partner ecosystem - the role of operators
- Taking an operationalisation & scale ecosystem driven approach
- Investing in the future of infrastructure
- Investing in street infrastructure for 5G

Summit THREE - June 2nd - 09.10
KEYNOTE ‘Fireside Chat’- How Do We Optimise Deployment?
By Stephen Lerner General Counsel and Director of Regulatory Affairs, Three UK, Björn Odenhammar Head of Networks Presales for UK & Ireland, Ericsson, Louise Lancaster Joint Head, Barrier Busting Task Force, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) - UK Government , Senior Representative, Vodafone UK , Patrick Melia Chief Executive, Sunderland City Council and Head, North East Combined Authority

Format - 4 speakers, 45 minutes, ‘fireside chat’, 3 minute opening remarks each (no slides), followed by group discussion
- Deployment specifics
- Challenges
- Commercialisation
- Problem solving ideas around the challenges faced
- Lessons learned from deployments
- What are the current barriers?
- Barrier busting

Full Event Agenda