5G rollout in the UK - network infrastructure, market development and coverage

    Venue: 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE
    Cost: £230.00

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Starts 23 Jan 09:00

Ends 23 Jan 13:00

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This timely conference will consider next steps for 5G in the UK, and the positioning of this country in the global market for 5g development and services.

The conference takes place as the Government analyses the response to the consultation on its Statement of Strategic Priorities to Ofcom - which includes aspirations on 5G development and rollout.

Delegates will consider key priorities for driving the rollout of 5G network infrastructure across the UK, following the launch of 5G services by a number of network providers in several urban centres.

There will be discussion on tackling barriers, including issues around wayleaves and access to street furniture, as well as the potential role for the Neutral Host model of infrastructure provision.

There will be discussion on spectrum allocation, in light of the upcoming 700MHz and 3.6 - 3.8GHz band auctions.

Further sessions will consider the development of the market for 5G services, including priorities for consumers. There will be discussion on contract and handset pricing, as well as on network security and reliability.

The agenda will also bring out latest thinking on the long-term transformational potential of the latest generation of wireless technologies - examining potential use cases for 5G networks across the wider economy and its role in enabling technological innovation, including in areas such immersive technologies, automation and robotics.

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