5G What's it all about & how can it benefit Business, Public Sector & Communities

    Venue: Cumbria Lep Building, Redhills, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0DT
    Cost: This is a free event.
    Capacity: 40

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Starts 28 Nov 13:30

Ends 28 Nov 16:30

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WiredCumbria have teamed up with 5Grit to deliver this informative workshop on the potential of 5G

WiredCumbria have teamed up with 5Grit to deliver this informative workshop on the potential of 5G for Cumbria Business.

The workshop will explain what its all about how 5G can benefit your business or community and how you can get involved in trials taking part right here in Cumbria now at Alston one of only a handful of locations in the UK.

So who can benefit from 5G & who should be looking to attend this event?

Everyone from small business owners, Tourism, Food, Manufacturing, Distribution, Farmers, Councils, Community groups, Third sector through to Public & Emergency services.

5G has the potential to have a positive disruptive impact on Cumbria business so just what is 5G?

5G describes the fifth generation of mobile communications technologiesdelivering a step change of ultrafast, low latency (i.e. quicker reaction times), reliable, wireless connectivity.

It will support ever larger data requirements, as well as exciting new apps.

By bringing together a number of wireless networks and technologies, it could disrupt the mobile industry and bring connectivity to parts of Cumbria which have missed out in the past. Cybermoor is developing a 5G Rural Integrated Testbed (5GRIT) with funding from Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport in the North Pennines.

This event will explain more about 5G, potential ways it could be used and the opportunities to test out new applications in the 5G testbed around Alston Moor.

There is not yet a common standard of what 5G will encompass so there is an opportunity to shape the technology and new applications in Cumbria.

You will hear about how the testbed is using wireless technologies, to trial new rural services, including an augmented reality app for tourists, fixed wireless broadband for notspots, crop and livestock monitoring services, and the ability to fly drones beyond visual line of sight.

During the afternoon, we want to hear your ideas about what you would like to use the testbed for – be it developing new low latency apps, or services for parts of Cumbria where mobile data is simply not up to speed. We will explain the process of getting your technologies and applications trialled on the testbed and what the potential benefits could be.

The afternoon will conclude with an opportunity for some informal networking over tea & coffee.