5PRING - Explore - 5G in Mobility and the Green Agenda

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5PRING Explore programme is an idea incubation programme.

5PRING Explore programme is an idea incubation programme that is designed to help organisations ideate and plan 5G enabled solutions. The incubator aims at giving organisations the opportunity to collaborate and learn more about how commercially viable 5G solutions can be developed for specific challenges.

For those already familiar with 5G, we’ll help them to understand the different roles 5G can play and provide support to build a business case and technical plan for organisations that want to adopt or supply 5G enabled products and services. The explore idea incubator gives demand-side corporations (adopters) the opportunity to come in as challenge owners into the programme, to ensure the solutions developed solve a real-world problem relevant to them.


Two-week virtual idea incubator, culminating with a demo (pitch) day.


Mixture of keynotes, 1-on-1 business and technical coaching, group exercises and independent working.


Supply-side: SME’s, start-ups, scale-ups, innovators Challenge owners: Corporates, local councils, government organisations .


Opportunity to ideate 5G solutions, creating a business plan and technical roadmap to allow you to gain support in taking your solution forward.

Explore Programme Structure

Our two-week Explore programmes offer participants the opportunity to team up with other businesses and industry experts to create 5G solutions that solve a range of organisational and societal challenges. Explore gives participants the opportunity to ideate innovative commercially viable 5G solutions and develop business cases in an agile manner. At the end of the programme we will host a demo day in which teams pitch to potential customers and consortium partners.

Successful completion of explore will increase the chances of start-ups and scale-ups to be accepted into our three months accelerator program.