6G devices of 2030

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Exploring how devices will evolve enabled by advancements of technology and 6G vision

While 5G is being rolled out at a very rapid pace across the globe, 6G is expected to arrive around 2030. It is hard for us to fathom how our world will change in the next 5 years, let alone the next 10 years. While we can speculate that 6G will be a faster and far better version of 5G, the needs of society and individuals will evolve, and there will be an expectation of a new generation of devices with increased sophistication. 

Beyond smartphones, many new devices are ‘in the works’, for example centred around drones, wearables, cars and extended reality (XR; a collective term from augmented, virtual and mixed reality - AR, VR and MR respectively). These will need to evolve for 6G. However, devices are not monolithic, but are made of various components from batteries, to screens, speakers, buttons, chips, antennas, etc. In many cases they all need to evolve to deliver a more sophisticated form factor. Will the development of components keep pace with requirements of 6G vision, technology and devices?

This short event will explore how existing devices will evolve over the next 10 years and look at some of the newer devices, gadgets and features that would be enabled by advancements of technology and 6G vision.


  • Magnus Frodigh, VP & Head of Ericsson Research
  • Neil Shah, Partner and Vice President of Research, Counterpoint
  • Zahid Ghadialy, Senior Director, Technology & Innovation Strategy, Parallel Wireless

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