6G Symposium Spring 2023

    Venue: Various, Central London & Surrey
    Cost: This is a free event.

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Starts 24 Apr 09:30

Ends 26 Apr 17:30

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ITU defining 6G vision

As the ITU defines 6G vision, usage scenarios and requirements more clearly, work begins to develop the wide variety of technology enablers. Beyond technical challenges, we must also build clarity around how to commercialise the new capabilities. The telecoms sector needs confidence that investment will be profitable – not more hype!

At 6GSymposium Spring 2023 we will bring together the international community to build consensus on key issues and further the momentum towards 6G. Join us for essential debates, updates and technical demonstrations moving beyond hype to concrete action and strategies.

Day 1 - Monday, April 24th

  • Venue: The IET, London
  • Keynotes – Global 6G Standards, Objectives & Policy Alignment

As the ITU brings forward its vision and strategy for 6G, this afternoon delivers insights into the response from the wide variety of international bodies who will be essential to successfully deliver the final outcome.

With an increasing variety of international bodies responsible for not just technical 6G standards but delivery against the commercial needs of their members and societal pressures from citizens, areas of alignment or disagreement need to be highlighted and solved as soon as possible. Join us on this crucial afternoon to understand how the ITU’s 6G vision will shape the telecoms industry for the decade to come.

Evening networking reception follows.

Day 2 -Tuesday, April 25th

  • Venue: 6G Innovation Centre, University of Surrey
  • National & Regional Initiatives: Competition & collaboration towards 6G

Across the world, countries are investing to take significant positions in 6G’s development. As communications converges with the internet, metaverse, AI and connected living of all kinds, 6G is being seen as fundamental to plans for digital economies. Meanwhile, that diversity means that leadership opportunities are appearing beyond the heartlands of ‘telecoms’.

This morning examines what different countries are doing today towards a 6G world. How does 6G feed into very different national strategies? How can countries balance jostling for leadership with contributions to global standards, and what progress have they made? Find out here.
Commercial Strategy for 6G

While the ITU’s proposals give valuable guidance for the industry, there is a sharp difference between creating a standard and creating a commercially successful service. Across the world, visions for 6G include societal requirements as well as implying significant technological change.

This afternoon explores what the ITU’s statements mean for the business of telecoms as we understand it. What appetite is there for Beyond-5G services among consumers and enterprises, and who would pay for those services? In turn, what does that mean for the evolution of business strategy, competition and service delivery in the telecoms sphere?

Please join the organising committee and sponsors for evening drinks and networking.

Day 3 -Wednesday, April 26th

  • Venue: 6G Innovation Centre, University of Surrey
  • Research & Innovation

The final day of 6GSymposium highlights the work being done today which looks set to revolutionise the telecoms environment of the 2030s. Standards organisations, academics and industry bodies within and beyond telecoms are all taking steps to push the frontiers of communications capabilities in all sorts of directions.

During the morning we will explore some of the most striking examples of work in AI, security, network architecture and more.

The afternoon will highlight outstanding work redefining the boundaries of access delivery technologies such as mobile radio, non-terrestrial networks, personal area networks and more.