AgriTech 4.0

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Event taking a look at the digital technology changing the face of the agricultural world

With digital technology changing the face of the agricultural world how can we continue to utilise and implement new and existing digital technology into the sector. Many nations are looking to further update their processes, technology and systems to implement more efficient and environmentally friendly methods of farming to meet the new demands of the 21st century.

AgriTech 4.0 explores the wide range of opportunities available through programmes, development, support and investment opportunities, and how new and changing technologies will influence the agriculture environment over the next 25 years providing sustainable food solutions.

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This edition will look at the strategic context of ongoing and future AgriTech programmes and developments, while also delving deep into the core topics of smart farming, engineering & precision technologies, data science, analytics & modelling, hydroponics, vertical farming, and an AgriTech Technology Innovation Challenge Competition focusing on innovation.

We are focused on industry cross collaboration for research and innovation to support the development of capabilities and technology within the agriculture sector.


  • Day 1 Conference & Exhibition (Virtual) - Friday 29th January 2021
  • Day 2 Conference & Exhibition (Virtual) - Friday 19th February 2021
  • Technology Innovation Demonstration Challenge Competition (Virtual) - Friday 29th January to Friday 19th February

Key Agenda Focus Areas

Conference Day 1 – Developing Our Approach; Data & Connectivity; Soil Health; Facilitating Decisive Research Into Research Action & Implementation; Robotics & Drones; Agri Biotech; Vertical Farming & Hydroponics.

Conference Day 2 – Meeting the Farms Needs for Precision & Smartness; Indoor Farming; Technology Innovation Demonstration Challenge; What Will Tomorrows Farm be Like.

Technology Innovation Demonstration Challenge Areas For Exploration

  1. AgriTech Innovation on The Farm – What products, services or processes can be implemented to improve various processes on the farm and in the digitisation of the supply chain?
  2. Soil Productivity – How can we protect, improve and enhance our current use and management of soil?
  3. Smart & Precision Farming – How can the industry adopt new technological advances to increase productivity and efficiency whilst further protecting the environment?
  4. Agri Biotech – What can be done to develop the scientific techniques used to improve plants, animals and microorganisms whilst protecting them all from disease?