Connecting Norfolk Workshop

    Venue: County Hall, Martineau Ln, Norwich NR1 2DH
    Cost: This is a free event.

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Starts 19 Sep 09:30

Ends 19 Sep 16:00

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Connecting Norfolk workshop will bring together public and private sector organisations to create and share new full-fibre and 5G digital infrastructure in and around Norfolk under the Connecting Norfolk banner.

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Why register for the Connecting Norfolk workshop?

Better broadband and mobile coverage has the potential to improve quality of life, and transform work, leisure and education.  It could provide better, cheaper access to public services, and create new economic opportunities - especially in rural areas like Norfolk. Furthermore, it has the potential to reduce people's reliance on transportation by allowing a wide range of activities to take place anywhere.

However, there is a need for greater coordination of a much wider range of stakeholders, including local authorities, private business, schools and academic institutions and other public sector institutions such as the NHS and associated bodies.

Connecting Norfolk aims to be a community of leading organisations who connect partners and stakeholders to accelerate the roll-out of full-fibre broadband and 5G mobile connectivity across Norfolk.

The workshop participants will raise the foundations of this superstructure - the proposed components, financing, structure and governance for this community.

Please note that registration is mandatory for attendees as County Hall is a secure site.

From the organiser

We are putting together an aggregated map of all the points of presence, duct, fibre and possible mast sites for 5G we collectively have as a group, to be presented back to the group in the workshop.  The map will not indicate whose assets they are and we won't provide the individual data to the members of the group or anyone else - only the aggregated map, in the workshop.  We already have commitments from several organisations to allow their information to be included in this way.  If you would like some or all of your assets to be included in the map, please contact me for further details.