Contracting barriers for connected cities

    Venue: Emmanuel College, Cambridge
    Cost: £150.00

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Starts 12 Sep 13:30

Ends 12 Sep 17:30

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A Cambridge Wireless (CW) event. UK5G members get 50% off non-member rate with code UK5GCITY50.

At this event you can explore the optimal future deployment of wireless infrastructure in a city environment with a particular focus on small cells and sensors. Of particular interest will be the evolution of the lighting infrastructure and its multiple applications.

Now more than ever before, the provision of city services is dependent on a robust telecommunications infrastructure. The performance of the connected world is critical to delivering the services that cities want - increasingly in real-time - to ensure the safety, mobility, productivity, health and quality of life for their citizens and businesses. 

City infrastructures will see new applications, including autonomous vehicles, the ongoing digital transformation of city administration, drones for delivery or policing, and new business models around subscription-based services (CaaS). To ensure the best is made of these opportunities, the infrastructure must be fit for purpose. 

This joint event between CW’s Smart & Intelligent Cities SIG and Small Cell SIG will discuss how city infrastructures may be optimised with examples of possible funding models, and explore how they might adapt to the new landscape of both cellular (5G) and fixed broadband networks. We want to look at the delivery models, business cases and collaborations needed to make smart city connectivity a success.

Speakers will address:

  • Where can small cells make a difference?
  • What examples are there of early applications?
  • What successful case studies are there to date?

This event will feature 4-5 speakers, to be announced shortly. The agenda will leave plenty of time for networking, and delegates are welcome to join the CW Founders Dinner drinks reception at the end (attendance at the dinner itself is by invitation only).


  • Rhys Enfield - Infrastructure Planning & Deployment Lead at West Midlands 5G (WM5G), West Midlands Combined Authority
  • Richard Fish - Trainee Patent Attorney, Marks & Clerk
  • Jon Lewis - Chief Strategy Officer, Telensa
  • Geoffrey Stevens - Urban Technology Lead, Connected Places Catapult