CW International Conference 2020

    Venue: Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire
    Cost: £75.00
    Capacity: 400

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Starts 22 Sep 08:30

Ends 22 Sep 18:00

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The CW International Conference (CWIC) is a must-attend event for the wireless industry.

The CW International Conference (CWIC) is the flagship event for Cambridge's world-renowned technology community. It attracts companies from across the world who want to learn from and do business with the UK's most innovative city.


The world is at the edge of great change, with new technologies offering radically different operating models to businesses. Edge Computing, which promises all the benefits of supercomputing but without the latency, is one such innovation which, especially when combined with its enabling partners 5G, AI and IoT, cannot be ignored.

Consumers no longer notice who, where or what is processing their demands. They just know that their needs are being met more quickly and in a more personalised way than ever before. And they hope more than trust that it is being done in a secure, sustainable manner.

New products, services, processes and business models are arising in every industry based on this customer demand and the increased availability of rapid-turnaround supercomputing.  Those who can successfully innovate soonest will thrive. The CW International Conference will introduce delegates to cutting-edge use cases from Transport & Logistics, Health & Social Care, the Creative Industries, FinTech, Digital Infrastructure & Smart Cities and Product as a Service to explore:

  • How will Edge Computing influence business models and internal processes? What change is needed to keep ahead of the competition?
  • What challenges lie down this path, and what technologies are there which can alleviate their impact?
  • With sustainability now central to firms’ decision making, how can technologists ensure that this shift to intensive computing has minimal impact on the planet?
  • How can a company thrive when shifting from an "X as a Product" to an "X as a Service" business model?

<A link to the event's full agenda is at the bottom of this page>

9:50-10:30 - Introductory industry speaker: Jennifer Gill Didoni, Head of Cloud Portfolio, Vodafone

Chair: Simon Fletcher

  • #millisecondsmatter

This talk will cover how the convergence of cloud and networks is opening up new possibilities to solve problems where #millisecondsmatter.  The centre of gravity of data is moving to the edge, and Vodafone is launching edge computing services that combine the best of both worlds – low latency, highly responsive compute with the agility, flexibility and pay per use consumptions models of public cloud.

KEYNOTE: Tim Moore, VP Innovation, ghd

  • Can IoT make money?

Wide area, low power communications coupled with the advent of technologies such as iSim and edge processing afford consumer brands the ability to add intelligent connectivity to their products giving customers a robust and transparent experience. But do brands really need to do this and can it help with the rapid changes in retail? From the perspective of premium brands, we discuss how IoT coupled with traditional business methods can drive exciting new business model thinking to solve some of today’s challenges.


  • Track ONE - Transport solution & Logistics
  • Track TWO - Health & Social Care

12:00-12:55 - Plenary session | Digital Infrastructure & Smart Cities

Chair: Carole Ciliberti, Director of Smart Places, Capita

According to IDC, by 2023 >50% of new enterprise infrastructure deployments will not be in corporate data centres but at the Edge where data exchange and interconnections between businesses and cloud services are booming. This plenary explores the tech that allows businesses to leverage faster connectivity, lower latency, personalised services, user insights and compelling business models.

Kieran Arnold, Director of Ubiquitous Connectivity, Satellite Applications Catapult

  • Title and narrative to follow

Koen Mioulet, Solutions Manager Enterprise Mobile Networks, Cellnex Telecom

  • Private mobile networks as a service

Mobile connectivity is essential to business processes which are ever more demanding on information availability and instantaneous access to data. With throughput, latency, up time and other KPIs being crucial for the mobile service, the organisation has to secure a far above average network performance. This it can ascertain through SLAs with incumbents if so provided or alternatively through private mobile networks. LTE is already being deployed and 5G holds many more promises for the enterprise domain. A rapid explosion of business-critical networks is foreseen by almost every analyst. These networks can either be procured as an investment or sourced as a service; the latter being of interest when the organisation wants to concentrate on its core business and wants to abstain from maintaining non-core knowledge such as on 4 and 5G. This presentation will elaborate on the ample opportunities in the market for these varying sourcing strategies.


  • Track THREE - Creative Industries
  • Track FOUR - FinTech

15:30-16:25 Plenary Session | Product as a Service in a Connected World

Chair: Chris Porthouse, Chief Product Officer, Imagination Technologies

As more consumers purchase online and there is an increase in connected devices, brands are looking to engage with their consumers at a deeper level through digital innovation and services. We will explore “Product as a Service” models and whether cloud connectivity and having the right data at the right time in a more sustainable and secure way can lead to more compelling consumer experiences and deeper insights. We will also look at some of the challenges and opportunities of adopting and scaling up digital innovation within enterprises to avoid ‘silo thinking’ and allow collaboration more openly through a shared digital platform approach.

Tim Moore, VP Innovation, ghd

  • A modern “Radio Rentals” or much, much more….?

Increasing market penetration while maintaining a premium market position is difficult. Can communication technology help? Speaking from the perspective of a premium brand, we talk about how Product as a Service driven by the latest communication technology can resolve this conundrum and ensure that Product as a Service is a lot more than a 1970’s style rental service.

Dr Colin Smithers, Founder & CEO, Redtail Telematics

  • A One-Stop-Shop for evolving your product into a service and deliver value through data

Redtail Telematics was spun out of tech design house Plextek and inherited its legacy of design and then supply of black boxes into the automotive aftermarket. Now as a successful Telematics Service Provider, Redtail’s CEO Dr Colin Smithers explains the evolution from product into product as a service and the benefits of this being available as a one-stop-shop for others who want to achieve the same, only rather more quickly.

17:00-17:40 - Planary Session | Debate

Opening the RAN / Does Government intervention in Standards ever end well?

Chair: Steven Unger

A thriving multi-vendor supply chain requires inter-operable equipment framed by open standards – but isn’t that what the telcoms sector is good at? So why are we reaching a crunch point at the advent of 5G? Can Governments through funds, policy, regulation really shape the market in equipment and solutions providers or are any such initiatives doomed to fail?

Paul Ceely, Technology and Strategic Leader

Dean Bubley, Analyst & Futurist, Disruptive Analysis

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