Data is Gold for Cities and Citizens

    Venue: The Bradfield Centre, 184 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0GA
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At this event delegates will get to grips with a city's data architecture, learn about the business case for smart cities, understand how data can help address city challenges and discuss how cities can harness AI & ML for good.

Cities face numerous challenges - increasing and ageing populations, congestion, poor air quality, strain on infrastructure (water and energy), and the need to become more sustainable. At the same time council budgets are reducing. At the heart of many solutions to address these challenges is data. At the heart of many solutions to address these challenges is data. With the advent of 5G and the exponential growth of connected devices, cities need to prepare now to handle the imminent deluge of data.

Currently most data is stored in siloes both with public and sector organisations. To develop the data market this data needs to be broken out of its siloes and be re-usable by all.

Cities are currently working with business and academia to determine how to store and share this data and more importantly the business cases, value chains and procurement models that will underpin the investment needed to develop a city's data architecture.

An example of where this has been successful is the London Datastore which has been used by numerous developers to build products such as Citymapper. However, outside London there have been a number of attempts to develop a market for data with little success.

One of the challenges of city data is how to engage citizens and give local residents a say in how their data is used; this is particularly pertinent following a number of high-profile cases where personal data has been misused and now has a higher profile due to the introduction of GDPR regulation.

This event will focus on four themes:

  • Fixing the plumbing – developing a data architecture for cities
  • The business case/value chain – use cases explained
  • From to data to application solution –how can data help address the challenges?
  • Where next? AI and Machine Learning - how to harness for good

Who will benefit from attending?

  • City Strategy Managers and CIO leads responsible for maintaining and developing the city infrastructure and IT systems in a fast-changing environment where budgets are continually being squeezed
  • Supply-side companies who are making strategic decisions about how to develop their products and services to provide the best solutions across the city ecosystem, from sensors at the edge to telecoms connectivity, data storage, platforms, analytics, applications and user experiences

The meeting agenda will include keynotes from senior people in their sector grappling with these challenges across cities and an interactive workshop.  There will also be updates on current UK and International status and news.

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Speakers include:

  • Stephen Lorimer - Smart London Strategy and Delivery Officer for the Mayor of London, Greater London Authority
  • David Alexander - CEO, Mydex
  • Tony Sceales - Sector Coordination Lead, 5G Programme, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS)
  • David Brown - VP Smart City & Urban Innovation, GeoSpock

I'm an American who's spent the past 15 years helping start-up/scale-up companies in the UK building successful Customer Service, Customer Success, and Professional Services teams. I've done this mainly as a player/coach; initially working with customers myself and only building teams once I've gained a clear understanding of what's needed to support the company's unique customer base. In 2015, I used the knowledge gained from years of working in web analytics to found Adavow, an ad suppression platform that enables advertisers and ad networks to stop serving digital ads to consumers who have recently purchased a similar item, which increases digital budget efficiency by 10% or more. I'm a keen believer that the best way to become successful is to help others become successful and "What comes around, goes around." I enjoy seeing success — whether it’s mine or yours — so send me a message if there's anything I can do to help you.

  • Llewelyn Morgan - Service Manager – Infrastructure and Innovation. Co-founder and Co-chair of Oxford Smart City, Oxfordshire County Council
  • Felix Sanchez-Garcia - Lead Data Scientist, GeoSpock
  • Lorcan BurkeThink Smarter Analytics

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