Delivering 5G in the New Complex Ecosystem

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Virtual Workshop – “Delivering 5G in the New Complex Ecosystem”

About this Event

Interactive Workshop - Virtual Workshop – “Delivering 5G in the New Complex Ecosystem” - Registration subject to approval

- B2B2X business models

- 5G is creating more complex ecosystems with vertical sector and technology partners

- Customer experience challenges in a multi partner 5G world

- The network exposure function


  • Brendan Logan, Global Vice President, Oracle Communications Consulting
  • Mike Barrell, Chief Executive Officer, Juliet Media
  • Jean Lawrence, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Communications
  • Martina Kurth, Associate VP, Head of Telco 2025 Research Europe, IDC Europe
  • Adnan Zubaid Khan, Head of Corporate & ICT Propositions, Ooredoo Oman


13.00 Welcome & Introductory Comments

13.05 Panel Discussion - The Role of CSPs in 5Gs More Complex Ecosystems

- Vertical solutions and partners

- B2B2X - where do operators fit?

- Who owns the relationships?

- Where can operators move up the value chain and when should they focus on being a good connectivity provider?

- How do systems respond to devices as customers?

- Network exposure - partners can get more control in the network, a new tool that service providers can equip partners with on a particular slice

13.45 Breakout Room Discussions & Networking

The audience will be split out into several smaller groups with speakers and virtual room leaders evolving some of the key points raised from the panel discussion

- Where do attendees see the most complicated ecosystem challenges?

- Pricing innovations for 5G B2B and B2C - how could/should this evolve?

- Could B2B be priced on a QoS/assurance basis?

14.05 Feedback and Closing Remarks

The virtual panel leaders will bring some of the extra discussion points back together for the whole audience and pull out more key thoughts and conclusions

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