Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) Briefing Event

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Dedicated Briefing Event

Dedicated briefing event for solutions and professional services providers, with an invitation to contribute views on Digital Platform specifications.

The DCMS Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) project aims to accelerate deployment of advanced wireless connectivity, including 5G, through identification and national adoption of best-practice processes and tools to access publicly owned assets (land, buildings and street furniture) for installation of telecommunications equipment.

The Digital Platform workstream within the DCIA project seeks to support national adoption of online tools which digitalise and, to a greater degree, automate the process of finding and securing rights-of-use of suitable locations, for deployment of advanced wireless equipment. The aim is to make the transactions between public sector asset owners and telecommunications infrastructure providers as frictionless as possible.

The key factor in the national adoption of digital platform solutions is the acceptance of their functionality and benefits by all of their end-users, infrastructure providers and asset owners alike. To this end, DCMS are looking to create a technical specification that is jointly developed with mobile telecommunication infrastructure providers (including all four major Mobile Network Operators), UK regions and their constituent local authorities, government partners (such as Geospatial Commission), and potential solution providers.

This specification will subsequently represent a broad stakeholder consensus and will endorse the common approach to national adoption at scale. It will provide a base reference for DCMS supported and region-led adoption pilots which are planned to take place in 2022.

You are invited to attend a briefing event on 27th July 2021, 10:00-12:00, dedicated to informing solutions and professional services providers on the background and aims of the Digital Platform DCIA project workstream, followed by an opportunity for your organisation to provide an input into Digital Platform specifications based on your knowledge and experience.

UK5G, (delivered by CW, KTN and TM Forum), is the UK’s national Innovation Network for 5G. We connect people to speed up innovation, solve problems and find markets for new ideas.  UK5G will deliver this briefing event on behalf of DCMS.