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Disruption Summit Europe

    Venue: etc. venues, 133 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7BX
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An event for senior executives looking to guide their organisations in the digital era.

Being Disruptive
This year’s Disruption Summit Europe looks set to be a dazzling showcase of just how much has changed in just 3 years since it began. From a starting point of uncovering emerging technologies and their disruptive potential, to exploring how to harness disruption, this year the focus is on how to be a truly disruptive and innovative organisation.

Beyond Digital Transformation
It has become clear that simply ‘doing digital transformation’ is missing the point. Businesses need to actually be transformative. They need to change not just the technologies and business models they are using, but also their culture, and the way in which they integrate the purpose which underlies all their activities and contributes enormously to their success.

Convergence and Collaboration
The themes of Disruption Summit Europe 2019 are – Technology, Innovation, and Purpose. We will examine each through the lens of convergence, and how together they change the business landscape and how we need to operate. As technologies, industry sectors, companies and ideas come together, innovation cannot come simply from inside an organisation. Therefore, the programme is designed to give even more opportunities for interaction and networking between delegates, making it a forum for in depth learning and inspiration.

Unknown Unknowns
At DSE you will be connected with people and ideas which will help shape your future initiatives. We encourage all delegates to attend sessions outside of their usual horizon. If you are becoming more familiar with AI and machine learning but have not yet seen the relevance of nanotechnology or quantum to your business, here is the opportunity to find out why you might need to!

Real World Examples
DSE is the one place where you can find a true range of different technologies and business models that are being used by businesses right now, discussed with a focus on the real world business applications.

Who Should Attend?
This is an event for future makers, not future gazers. We and our amazing group of industry practitioners and experts from all areas of business and academia look forward to inspiring, and being inspired by you.

The event includes a 5G discussion panel: Cutting through the noise: what 5G really means for your business