Establishing the digital foundations of a modern, connected factory

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What are the first steps you need to take to build a scalable, fully connected smart factory?

One where data is accessed in a matter of seconds and exploited more efficiently to unlock the productivity and profitability gains of Industry 4.0. For every manufacturer, having the correct architecture in place is essential. Without those foundations, the smart factory will crumble.

To help businesses on their digitalisation transformation journey, digital engineers at the University of Sheffield AMRC have created an open-access digital architecture for manufacturing shop floors.

In this webinar, the engineers behind Factory+ will explain the comprehensive documentation pack they have created, available on the publicly accessible Factory+ portal, which allows any manufacturer to study the architecture, implement it and start to benefit.

The AMRC team’s Literature Review, Specification and Implementation Guide shape how an organisation could design a smart factory by demonstrating good architecture principles and approaches including openness, efficiency, security and scalability.

If you are at any point on your digitalisation transformation journey, this webinar is for you.