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FutureNet is built with passion and creativity and will deliver unique content.

FutureNet is built with passion and creativity and will deliver unique content that intersects technology and strategy. We will explore the latest technology trends as service providers rethink business models in the new digital world and discover how they can tap into the next wave of growth and opportunity.

Today, cloud and IoT are causing service providers to handle data on an unprecedented scale which is putting enormous pressure on the network. AI offers a real opportunity to address these challenges to provide intelligent network operations and maintenance and will lead to self-healing and self-optimising networks as well as intelligent decision making and reduce delays and errors. Automation is imperative if service providers are going to survive and remain competitive in an ever-increasing connected world.

Service providers are working with a multitude of vendors to address their key challenges around digital transformation and automation. The new dynamic and disruptive ecosystem is providing operators with new opportunities and innovative solutions but also presents a number of key challenges around integration and functionality. The Industry is now recognising the potential of changing the network architecture through the incorporation of telco cloud technologies, general-purpose hardware and programmable network functions, powered by AI and intelligent network automation.

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