How can 5G transform Health and Social Care Services?

    Venue: Sensor City, 31 Russell St, Liverpool, L3 5LJ
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Starts 15 Oct 14:00

Ends 15 Oct 16:30

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A panel discussion exploring how Health & Social Care services can be transformed using 5G networks.

The health and social care sectors are starting to explore and adapt new devices and technologies in the care of patients. Digital connectivity is an essential, though often overlooked part of this work and many are unaware how it can transform this sector. The option for a 5G network can open up fresh opportunities for the development and delivery of health care systems across the UK. From remote patient monitoring and using real-time data in urgent responses for diagnostic conditions to VR/AR capabilities for staff training purposes.

The Government emphasises in its Digital Strategy the importance of building a world-class digital infrastructure for the UK. It has a clear ambition for the UK to be a global leader in the next generation of mobile technology (5G) and how it could also support significant efficiencies in public service delivery such as health services and education. 

And as the UK prepares for the future of a fifth generation network, we want to explore just how much 5G could transform the health and social care sector to improve well-being and health by providing them with real-time intelligence and unparalleled situational awareness.

Speakers Include:

  • Professor Joe Spencer, University of Liverpool and Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care Testbed Lead: An introduction to Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care Testbed
  • James Champion, Business Development Manager, Qualcomm Life
  • Ray McConnel, CTO Blu Wireless: Blu Wireless Technology – making waves by delivering a new class of wireless connectivity for all
  • Rosemary Kay, Director, E-Health Cluster Limited: embedding new technologies into health and social care practice – the importance of acceptance in the adoption of leading edge devices and applications

This event will explore how 5G can transform future healthcare applications and services and the connectivity required to facilitate these services. This includes evaluating diagnostics with the upcoming fifth generation network data and diagnosing, monitoring and treating patients in hospital and in the home around the UK.

The aim is to raise awareness of digital connectivity in the healthcare sector and highlight the work of organisations operating in this field (ranging from innovation centres, industry and SME's) using products, networks and services that are directly helping patients, citizens, and health and care professionals.