How to improve customer experience with continuous network intelligence

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Starts 19 Nov 15:00

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How to leverage data generated by mobile networks to deliver a better customer experience?

The performance and quality of the network impacts all aspects of a telco business. But communications service providers (CSPs) store too much of their data from the network infrastructure before they process and analyze it. This approach causes delays and prevents telecoms operators from effectively sharing customer experience insights and network data across network operations, field service and customer support organizations. As the volume and velocity of data increases, it will become even harder to derive meaningful network data insights in the timeframe businesses need and customers expect.

An alternative approach is to adopt an “analyze-then-store” architecture that continuously analyzes and extracts insights from data (before storing it).

During this webinar, we will explore the solutions that can help telecoms as they seek to better manage and leverage the data generated by their networks to deliver a better customer experience.

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