IABM Webinar: Focus on 5G

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Starts 25 Jun 15:00

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In 2018, telecoms globally started to commercially deploy fifth-generation (5G) networks as a response to growing demands for data from end consumers and industrial users. 5G is expected to enable telecoms to expand consumer services such as video streaming and VR applications. technology companies worldwide are now racing to develop 5G products and the whole 5G ecosystem.

The current leaders of this race – the US, China and South Korea – have all adopted different strategies to lead in 5G technology development and deployment. In the US, private industry is leading 5G development and American telecoms competing against each other have been the first in the world to offer 5G services commercially.

In this webinar, we will discuss how the global rollout of 5G technology will develop in the coming years and what kind of timeline we can expect for the commercial adoption of this technology. We will ask out panellists how they see the 5G rollout developing in different markets and how it will impact their business (asking if they are already preparing for the "5G world").

We will find out what kind of impact the adoption of 5G technology will have on traditional broadcasters and what the key advantages are of this technology from a content production and distribution side.

Finally, we will ask how our panellists see the role of telecom operators and the impact the adoption of 5G technology will have on their media-related business.

  • Riikka Koponen, Principal Analyst, IABM - CHAIR
  • Andy Rayner, CTO, Nevion 
  • Natalia Higuera, Head of Marketing & Communications, Sceenic
  • Michel Bais, Managing Director, Mobile Viewpoint