IEEE Global Communications Conference 2020

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Starts 7 Dec 09:00

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"Early deployments of 5G network features & performance" workshop with Simon Fletcher at GLOBECOM

This highly focused workshop is delievered by Simon Fletcher (Realwireless, UK), Belkacem Mouhouche (Samsung R&D Institute UK) and Roman Odarchenko (Bundleslab, Hungary).

Workshop Scope:

5G systems have been under study for about a decade with the intent of meeting stringent technical KPIs to the benefit of the wireless industry but also and importantly for a diverse set of use cases in the “verticals” or industry sectors. 3GPP has finalised the first release of 5G (Rel’15) and is actively working on Rel’16 targeting acceptance into the IMT-2020 framework. With the current state of the standardisation, the many trials around the world and the early network deployment, an initial assessment of the 5G solutions can be carried out. In particular, a useful comparison can now be done between the initial vision developed at the beginning of the decade and the emerging commercial solutions. Furthermore, the challenges that remain to be addressed can be discussed in several verticals both in unicast and multicast/broadcast contexts (VR, AR, IoT, Multimedia, Health).

Organized by one flagship 5GPPP European project, this workshop will bring together the leading names in industry, academia and research institutes to discuss and debate the latest developments in this area. It offers a unique opportunity for researchers in this field to disseminate their results in all radio related aspects of 5G communications to a diverse audience. The workshop invites authors to submit original and previously unpublished research papers in the following and related topics. They could cover traditional mobile networks or any other new 5G vertical applications.

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