IoT WebTalk: 5G Private & Dedicated Networks for Industry 4.0

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Starts 13 Oct 14:00

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Mobile networks are becoming established as the superior means of ‘wire-free’ networking for Industry 4.0 deployments supporting applications from factory floor automation through to automated warehousing, logistics and autonomous vehicles. The advent of 5G brings increased capabilities in terms of capacity, latency and reliability along with a variety of deployment options. A deployment option of interest to many industrial enterprises is mobile Private Networks or Non-Public Networks (NPN); that is, mobile networks that are for the exclusive use of that particular enterprise.

In this IoT WebTalk, industry experts will explain and discuss:

  • What 5G Private and Dedicated Networks are and their benefits
  • Enterprise drivers for 5G Private and Dedicated Networks
  • The various deployment models possible and their features
  • Enterprise case studies

Speakers include:

  • Chris White - Electrification and Global Engineering Alignment Manager- Europe & 5G-Enhanced Manufacture (5GEM) UK Project Lead, Ford UK
  • Marc Sauter - Head of Mobile Private Networks, Vodafone

  • Aruna Srinivasan - Executive Director, IoT Capabilities, GSMA
  • Steve Doyle - Principal Technical Architect, GSMA