ITU-ETSI-IEEE Joint SDOs Brainstorming Workshop on Testbeds Federations for 5G and Beyond

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Interoperability, Standardisation, Reference Model & APIs

ITU-T, ETSI and IEEE are major SDOs working on the topic of Testbeds for 5G and Beyond.

IEEE is working on the following aspects regarding Testbeds for 5G and Beyond:

One of the objectives of the IEEE Future Networks Initiative (FNI) Testbeds WG is to collaborate with the vendor community and research community and thus expand upon the existing testbeds towards federated development of testbeds for next generation networks. The Group is part of the larger International Network Generations Roadmap (INGR) project, a semi-annual technical document highlighting network technology evolutions and challenges over 3-, 5- and 10-year horizons across 15 WGs.

The Group is also curating a directory of available 5G and beyond networking testbeds for use by both academic and industry research groups. By leveraging the IEEE community, the directory of testbeds and instrumentation can be used to showcase platforms currently available for use and what their specifications and capabilities are. Such a directory will also identify gaps in availability and capabilities.

NOTE: Such a Directory can be one of the very important enablers for building Federated Testbeds and associated Standards.


This Workshop provides a platform for ETSI, ITU-T and IEEE to Brainstorm and share ideas on Testbeds Federation Challenges, including:​
the Testbeds Federation Reference Model being jointly standardized by ETSI and ITU;

APIs Requirements for Testbeds Federations and what may have been achieved in this area with respect to existing API implementations by Research communities and the Industry;

  • ​​​how to use the Reference Model to guide Research and Industry to contribute to the development of the APIs being prescribed by the Reference Model;​
  • how the SDOs can potentially share the burden on APIs Standardization and on Roadmaps in a harmonized and collaborative way;​
  • Potential New Business Models for Testbeds Suppliers that derive from the Testbeds Federations Reference Model.​

​​​The​ Workshop also seeks to engage the various Stakeholders (Research Communities, Researchers on 5G and Beyond, Industry Users of Testbeds, Testbeds Suppliers for 5G Testbeds and other Testbeds, CSPs, Infrastructure Vendors/Suppliers for ICT and Verticals, Open Source & Open Hardware Projects, Regulators, and any other interested parties) to discuss the roles the various Stakeholders can play in the desired Ecosystem to be built by the SDOs. With main focus and target being Testbeds Federations for Industry-grade Use Cases.

All interested stakeholders, including those listed, and any other players active in this area are invited.​