Lift the lid on 5G Safety with UK5G | Scotland

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Starts 23 Nov 09:30

Ends 23 Nov 11:00

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UK5G hosted digital workshop aimed at lifting the lid on 5G Safety in Scotland

Join us for a digital workshop to lift the lid on 5G safety and hear about the new materials available to help you tackle the topic of 5G.

About this event

A hot topic in the media, government, and tech, 5G is surrounded by misinformation and, in some cases, fear. But this technology can have game-changing – and even life-saving – benefits for Scotland. It’s time to communicate the facts about 5G and help to alleviate safety concerns.In this digital workshop, you will hear from experts and industry bodies on:

  • What is 5G? What is new, different, and important about this advancement?
  • What is the value of 5G to communities and places? What does it mean for transport, healthcare, rural areas and more?
  • How can we overcome safety concerns and anti-5G sentiment? How do we mythbust and what tools are available to us?

There will also be the opportunity to ask our panel of experts any additional questions you might have on 5G and 5G safety, as well as share your experiences with your peers.

We hope you can join us!