Matchmaking for 5G Transport & Logistics

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Starts 30 Nov 10:00

Ends 30 Nov 11:30

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DCMS, ESA and UKSA are running a matchmaking event for the Space and 5G convergence

About this Event
The current opportunity “Space and 5G convergence: Transport & Logistics” is open for companies to submit ideas for demonstration projects focusing on the development and pilot of sustainable downstream services addressing UK Government’s priorities in the Logistics sector.

The services shall rely on converged 5G terrestrial and satellite communication networks, opening the way to new connectivity solutions and sustainable business models for operators and industrial customers.

This Call shall support proposals for solutions that clearly demonstrate innovation in the convergence of space and terrestrial networks.

Sustainable applications relying on 5G communications will require the establishment of a wide ecosystem including terrestrial and satellite connectivity providers. Collaboration between these actors is aimed at the deployment of converged networks, which will allow application developers and service providers to deliver innovative and sustainable services for a longer term efficient, competitive and low carbon logistics sector.

We offer funding and support to companies, both for business case assessment and for the development of new, space-based 5G services in the Logistics sector.

ESA will bear up to 50% of the eligible total project costs. The remainder has to be financed by the Tenderer through the private sector directly and/or indirectly via co-funding and/or by the users based on terms and conditions to be agreed upon.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises activities can be funded up to 80% by the Agency, depending on the funding level authorised by the related National Delegation(s).

For activities related to technology/product development, different funding levels may apply.

In this online session facilitated by UKSA, DCMS and ESA, participants seeking partners will be able to pitch to one another. The session will be recorded and a link will be sent to participants after the event.

Details for the pitches:

  • Each pitch length is limited to 2 minutes.
  • Maximum of 2 slides per pitch. Please be concise.
  • Please email your slides to artes@ukspaceagency.gov.uk and let us know if you are planning on leading a bid.

In your pitch please include information on:

  • What you’re looking to do if you are proposing a project / what project you are looking to join?
  • What do you have to offer?
  • What and/or who are you looking for?

For information on how to apply, please visit this page.