Meet the 5G Network Digital Twin

    Venue: IEEE Webinair
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Starts 23 Jun 16:00

Ends 23 Jun 17:00

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Webinar exploring the role of the 5G Network Digital Twin.

As 5G continues to evolve, attempting to design, deploy, and optimize networks and environments becomes a complex and costly challenge. Future digital industries such as automotive, manufacturing and defense need more than a constrained live network as they look to reduce the millions of miles of driving required to prove the connected autonomous vehicle, efficiently assess the mission critical optimizations required in manufacturing environments, or research how commercial networking technologies can benefit future battlefield and supply chain engagements.

Meet the 5G Network Digital Twin: an emulated end-to-end software replica of the physical network working in parallel to allow continuous assessments, predictions and recommendations to efficiently and proactively model, validate and assure the living network and associated services. This webinar will explore the role of the 5G Network Digital Twin and share learnings from academia, defense, automotive and industry 4.0, who are working on the future of a connected world.