WEBINAR - Next steps for smart cities and connected places in the UK

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Starts 7 May 09:00

Ends 7 May 13:30

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Online format.

This conference will consider key issues for the development of smart cities and connected places in the UK - and next steps for local and municipal authorities, central government and regulators, and the private sector.

Areas for discussion:

  • Infrastructure development to support the development of smart cities in the UK - including telecoms and mobility networks, and addressing planning issues;
  • Data handling, treatment, storage and utilisation - and applications for a number of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in a smart-city context;
  • Delivery of key local services such as waste management, water treatment, healthcare and energy;
  • The role of smart city services meeting the challenge of climate change and tackling other environmental concerns such as air quality and noise pollution;
  • Fostering wider engagement with citizens and other key stakeholders in the design and implementation of digitised services; and
  • Development of local technology economies, including creating the conditions for innovative start-ups and scale-ups, including attracting inward investment.

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Speakers include:

  • Nicola Yates, Chief Executive Officer, Connected Places Catapult
  • Tony Sceales, Head of Programme Development, 5G Testbeds and Trials, DCMS

  • Rick Robinson, Director of Smart Places, Jacobs

  • Stu Higgins, Head of Smart Cities and IoT, UK Public Sector, Cisco