The Reality of 5G

    Venue: BT Centre, 81 Newgate Street, London, EC1A 7AJ
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Starts 19 Nov 09:00

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ITP Seminar

The roll-out of fifth generation mobile networks in the UK is planned to start this summer across the six most highly trafficked cities with a further ten cities by the end of 2019 by which time 5G phones will be on sale.  5G promised something totally different, not just a go-faster 4G nor a platform just to sell more handsets.  It’s architecture and technology development has been driven by the intention to support a variety of use cases leading to a multi-service capability, a network of networks.  But what will 5G offer on day-1 and how is that expected to change as we move forward?  Has it been over-hyped?  What is the reality of the technology, the deployment and, importantly, the commercial eco-system surrounding 5G? 

Back in May 2018, the ITP held its first 5G seminar looking at the architecture, the concept of network slicing and the vision for 5G.  This second 5G seminar will be a timely opportunity to explore the reality of 5G.

Speakers confirmed:-

  • Paul Adams, Marketing Director, Nokia.
  • Mansoor Hanif, CTO, Ofcom.
  • Prof. Andy Sutton, Principal Network Architect, BT:- Presenting - 5G rollout, performance and next steps.
  • John Gravett, Cluttons. 
  • Dez O'Connor, Business Development Manager, Cisco :- Presenting - 5G Realities in Rural Britain.

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