The Role of 5G for Utilities and the Energy Sector

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Starts 27 Apr 12:00

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Virtual Workshop – “The Role of 5G for Utilities and the Energy Sector”

12.00 Welcome & Introductory Comments

12.05 Panel Discussion – The Role of 5G for Utilities and the Energy Sector
– The transformational possibilities of 5G
– The potential for the future of our energy systems
– What are the key benefits of the energy transition?
– How can 5G and other advanced technologies contribute in relation to the energy network, metering and customer interaction
– UK case studies
– Where are the barriers, what are the pinch points, how can technology help?

12.45 Breakout Room Discussions & Networking

The audience will be split out into several smaller groups with speakers and virtual room leaders evolving some of the key points raised from the panel discussion

Open discussion about the energy transition and the potential role that 5G (and other technologies) could play

Brainstorming between the telco industry and the energy industry as to how advanced communications could complement utilities and the energy sectors work

13.05 Feedback and Closing Remarks

The virtual room leaders will bring some of the extra discussion points back together for the whole audience and pull out more key thoughts and conclusions

David Pringle, TMT Writer, Analyst, Editor


  • Stew Horne, Head of Policy, Energy Saving Trust
  • Liana J. Ault, Energy CTO Innovation Lead, Nokia
  • Eric Brown, Chief Technology Officer, Energy Systems Catapult

Supported by Nokia