Smart Campus: Creating Sustainable 5G Technology and Services

    Venue: University of Glasgow, Senate Room University of Glasgow University Avenue Glasgow G12 8QQ
    Cost: This is a free event.

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Starts 22 Oct 09:00

Ends 22 Oct 18:00

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Smart Campus: Creating Sustainable 5G Technology and Services

The University of Glasgow’s campus expansion is Scotland’s largest urban development project and unique in its potential to transform a historic city quarter; demonstrating the emerging technologies required for attractive, sustainable, successful cities.

Communications infrastructure as a key part of this with the University engaged across a broad range of academic, industry and public policy networks to ensure this potential is realised.

This full day event will be based around presentations, demonstrations and discussions on how urban environments must adapt to provide the communications services demanded of citizens, visitors and industry. This will cover

  • developments in 5G technology
  • the emergence of commercial 5G services
  • the policy framework which enables this
  • partnership facilitation around early 5G use cases

Attendees will include:

  • Senior Industry Representatives
  • Representative from UK and Scottish Government and local government
  • Senior representatives from the UKs 5G research community - academic and industry

The intended outcome for the day is the development of practical collaborations around 5G urban solutions informed by current policy and practice