Made Smarter Technology Accelerator Innovator briefing: Challenges overview

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Applying advanced digital technologies to industrial challenges - meet the challenge owners.

About this Event

The second in our innovator briefing series will present the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator and our Industry Challenge Owners from seven leading UK industrial companies and manufacturers. Having set 14 challenges for startups to develop technology prototypes, this webinar will offer interested startups the opportunity to discover more about each Challenge Owner and the opportunities to work together on the programme.

Made Smarter Technology Accelerator has been designed for industry and provides you with a direct opportunity to join the UK’s largest industry-focused acceleration programme - together we will help to drive innovation and digitalisation of the manufacturing sector whilst gaining a competitive edge.

The programme will welcome up to 20 innovative startups onto the programme, providing the funding and a platform to develop prototypes that will pivot some of the UK’s most relevant manufacturing and industrial challenges.

Why attend
This challenge-focused briefing will provide the opportunity to understand more about how the programme is challenge-led and its relevance and potential impact for industry. We will hear from the Industry Challenge Owners as they present their manufacturing business and discover the unique challenges they have set for the programme.

Our group of Industry Challenge Owners have worked to define and scope challenges that our cohort of startups will address through technology prototype development. Applications to the programme must be relevant to one of 14 challenges, this webinar will give potential applicants the chance to delve into each challenge further and to decide on the most relevant challenge that aligns to their technology solution and application into manufacturing settings.

It will enable attendees to:

  • Discover how the programme is challenge-led and its importance for industry
  • Learn how advanced digital technologies can be applied to industrial settings and the benefits this provides
  • Meet and hear from the Industry Challenge Owners
  • Understand each challenge area in more detail directly from challenge owners.

Who should attend
The programme has been designed for advanced digital technology startups and scaleups working with manufacturing companies, or interested in working with the manufacturing sector.

Technologies relevant to this open call are:

  • Future networks and advanced digital infrastructure (4G and 5G and the internet of things including; low powered wide area networks, NB-IoT, LIFI etc. including sensors, edge devices, wearables etc.)
  • Immersive technologies – Extended reality (virtual, augmented, mixed reality and haptics)
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning (natural language processing, machine vision, deep learning)
    Distributed ledger technologies (Blockchain etc.)

This webinar is part two in a two series of innovator briefing sessions. Attendees should ensure they have read more about the programme on our website here and/or attended our innovator general briefing webinar on Tuesday 12 January 2021.