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Supply & Demand Networking Event - Transport and Logistics

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Starts 21 Jul 09:30

Ends 21 Jul 11:30

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Networking event that brings together transport & logistics organisations with the telecoms sector.

About this event

5G and the technologies it enables, offer the potential to transform transport and logistics . Understanding the potential of 5G however is often the easy part. At this stage of 5G’s lifecycle, knowing how to deploy and implement 5G can be challenging, both for the sectors who stand to benefit and the telecoms sector supplying the connectivity.

What's this session about?

Following consultation with both transport and logistics organisations and the companies that supply 5G, this UK5G event brings together both sides of the ecosystem: supply and demand, for an open and informative discussion about common challenges, routes to overcome them and how to partner effectively.

There will also be a chance for informal networking using the Remo platform.