UK5G / CELLNEX session at GIANT 2021

    Venue: Business Design Centre, London
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Starts 1 Dec 11:30

Ends 1 Dec 13:00

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Telecoms in Healthcare Conference Track

Uniting leading telecoms operators and technology players with heathcare professionsals to target key healthcare pain points.

Join us to hear first-hand cases and example from leafing telecoms operators and technology players working with healthcare professionals.

Session Details

Advanced and ubiquitous mobile and fibre connectivity is a fundamental requirement to deliver Health and Care fit for the 21st Century.

The panel will discuss how their work will enable or build on that connectivity, and explore how we now switch gears to move from very successful testbeds and trials into real implementation

Track Agenda

5 minute opening from the track facilitator Tony Sceales, Head of programme development, 5G Testbed & Trials programme, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS)

10 minutes from Simon Fletcher, CTO & UK5G Advisory Board member, Real Wireless focusing on:

  • 5G Technology – what is it and when is it ready for the various potential use cases?
  • Introduction to the UK5G Health and Social Care Hub and outline use cases.

10 minutes from Ann Williams, Commissioning and contracts manager for Adult Social Services & UK5G Advisory Board member Liverpool City Council presenting a case study – the Liverpool experience - deploying 5G across a city

A 5 minute introduction from Catherine Gull, Consultant & UK5G Advisory Board member to Cellnex & the case for Private Networks on the hospital campus

A 10 minute presentation from Joan Cornet, Founder, Innovation Health Academy, Barcelona

  • 5G in Hospitals (from a clinician’s perspective)

15 minute presentation from a Healthcare / HNS representative TBC:

  • What are the key challenges that 5G technology and advanced connectivity might help to solve?

35 minute Panel discussion - facilitated by Tony Sceales.

Is 5G an instrument of change to deliver 21st Century solutions to health and social care problems?

But let’s get real - 5G is not a panacea. There is certainly the opportunity to deliver more services in the community with better connectivity, lower latency and so on. But is technology the issue?  Rather is it the business models and institutional mechanisms that are the substantial barriers to implementation?