Unlocking the Future of 5G in Manufacturing - Online Event

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Starts 22 Jul 15:00

Ends 22 Jul 16:00

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How can you use Private 5G services to simplify and streamline operations, better utilise resources, increase performance / productivity and lower overheads?

Increasing capacity by becoming more efficient, using common infrastructure, flexibility and scalability are must-haves for the future of manufacturing. Put simply, 5G can deliver more opportunities for people and business. In this exclusive online event, we'll discuss:

  • Enables levels of factory & warehouse automation beyond anything previously possible.
  • Largely eliminates the hand off issues between Access Points in wi-fi based automation systems
  • Very low latency allows for precise control of equipment & processes
  • Delivers fast, seamless site wide connectivity for eg remote inspections, maintenance & remote training & support services
  • Automation & efficiency gains
  • What to expect from private networks
  • Connected devices & flexibility.
  • Measurement – detect vibration & maintenance

This is a must-see event for decision makers and buyers in warehousing, logistics, transport and manufacturing industries.


15:00  Session opens: Background context and agenda overview

15:05  Introductions

15:20  Panel discussion chaired by Andrew Lambert

15:40  Q&A

15:55  CTA

16:00  Close