IET Presents - The value of spectrum in a 5G world

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Spectrum is an invaluable asset for mobile network operators (MNO)

Additional spectrum provides significant benefits i.e. improves network performance and enables MNOs to deploy new services and technologies such as 5G. But it doesn’t come for free. The value of spectrum depends on many factors, including the existing spectrum portfolio and future needs. Since spectrum is awarded based on the competitive processes (i.e. auctions), MNOs have to develop their business case to understand the value of the spectrum.

So how do MNOs value spectrum?

This talk provides an overview of factors affecting the value of spectrum and approaches used by MNOs and regulators to estimate the value of mobile spectrum in a 5G world.


  • Abhaya Sumanasena, Managing consultant and Practice lead for Spectrum and regulation - Real Wireless

Abhaya is a leader with a strategic approach and has hands on experience in solving problems on spectrum, technology and techno-economic issues. His wealth of knowledge gathered over 20 years has helped a wide range of international companies, regulators and governments. Abhaya currently leads the spectrum and regulatory practice at Real Wireless and is the Deputy Chairman of the UK Spectrum Policy Forum (UK SPF) Steering Board, a pro-active industry-led ‘sounding board’ to UK Government and Ofcom on future spectrum policy. He has recently led teams to deliver programs on: spectrum valuation for auctions, techno-economic and business case analysis for 5G use cases, 5G spectrum benefit assessment and developing future telecom strategy for MNOs, regulators, and governments.

Previously Abhaya led and delivered multi-million pound strategic network capacity programmes at 3UK. He has also played an influential role in maintaining UK propositions and developing policies on mobile spectrum at Ofcom and, at Ericsson, provided leadership to deploy the UK’s first HSDPA network.