West Midlands 5G - The road to getting the UK’s best 5G network

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Starts 16 Oct 10:15

Ends 16 Oct 11:30

Part of the Birmingham Tech Week 2020

About this event

West Midlands 5G (WM5G) are delivering the UK’s first region-wide 5G testbed looking to deliver two objectives:

1) To accelerate the rollout of 5G across the region 2) To test, prove and scale new applications and services.

Together with mobile network operators and all seven local authorities within the West Midlands, we have already helped our region’s towns and cities accelerate access to 5G.

Getting the infrastructure right now will mean businesses and public sector organisations can get involved much sooner, which will help to position the UK as a world leader in 5G technology. To truly harness the revolutionary benefits of 5G, it is vital we get the foundations right and develop a 5G ecosystem that is fit for the future.

During this session, you'll learn:

-- From a range of stakeholders in the region why 5G and connectivity is important

-- What benefits have already been delivered

-- And importantly practical information and advice on how to accelerate the roll-out of 5G

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About the Speakers
Peter Bishop
Since completing his PhD, Peter has worked in both Commercial and Public Sector organisations leading and managing services as diverse as Property, HR, Finance, Revenues and Benefits, Pensions, Customer Services, Technology and Information management. He is responsible for the Digital and Customer Services team whose remit is to lead, shape and deliver high-quality council services enabled by great digital solutions making a positive difference every day to people’s lives.

Heather Clark
Heather is the City’s Digital Co-ordinator supporting the rollout of future-proofed digital infrastructure including full-fibre broadband and 5G. The role includes liaising across council departments to remove barriers and introduce new systems and procedures and standardising agreements to facilitate the rollout adopting best practice from elsewhere. The role also includes ensuring residents and businesses benefit through combatting the digital divide and addressing the digital skills of residents and businesses. Heather has over 20 years’ experience in local government in a range of economic development and regeneration roles and is an experienced bid writer. She has postgraduate qualifications in Urban Regeneration and Economics.

Rhys Enfield
An expert in mobile network deployment, previously working for both operators and vendors in the telco sector since the mid-’90s. Rhys is WM5G’s Director of Infrastructure Acceleration and has the primary role of accelerating 5G across the region by removing barriers, improving processes and facilitating relationships between the mobile operators and the local councils. A key focus for Rhys and the team is to always act as an ‘honest broker’, fostering a more collaborative and cooperative approach between both the operators and the councils, working to ensure citizens of the West Midlands are the first to benefit from the socioeconomic improvements that 5G will bring.

Michel Sabatier / Paul Ward

MICHEL SABATIER beings a wealth of industry knowledge to the WM5G team, Michel boasts over 30 years’ experience working for large tech companies such as Atos and Nokia, both in the UK and abroad. Michel has also been heavily involved in the development of emerging technologies through both his work as co-founder of several software start-ups and his role as investor and advisor to several national and international tech scale-ups

PAUL WARD has worked in ICT & Digital at Coventry City Council for 19 years and now heads up the ICT & Digital Service. Since 2017 the City Council has been giving greater focus to Digital within the City through the Digital Coventry Strategy. More recently, through Coventry’s city-wide digital board, working with partners in the city, an approach, called Project Sherbourne has been established with a vision of delivering high speed, ultra-reliable, ubiquitous connectivity and digital services to underpin todays and tomorrows next-generation experience, for citizens, businesses and learners. 5G is a fundamental component of this working closely with Mobile Network Operators and WM5G.