Westminster eForum | Next steps for AI in the UK

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Starts 21 Nov 09:00

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This conference will examine the priorities and next steps for the development of the UK’s AI sector

It will be a timely opportunity to assess the way forward in the context of the National AI Strategy and the AI Action Plan, as well as priorities for the expected AI White Paper and the future direction of government policy with a new prime minister in place.

Discussion will bring out latest on what is needed from policy and regulation to grow the AI sector in the UK and maximise the benefits it can bring for research, business and civil society.

We are pleased to be able to include keynote sessions with Lizzie Greenhalgh, Head of Office, Office for Artificial Intelligence; Stephen Almond, Director of Technology and Innovation, ICO; Dr Florian Ostmann, Head of AI Governance and Regulatory Innovation, The Alan Turing Institute; and Charlotte Walker-Osborn, Partner, International Head of Artificial Intelligence and Technology Sector, Eversheds Sutherland.

Sessions in the agenda look at:

  • Creating an innovation-friendly AI governance regime
  • regulatory framework - options for customised regulatory approaches to suit potential uses of AI in individual sectors - compliance - provision of greater certainty for innovators
  • futureproofing legislation and regulation - building in adaptability
  • transparency - clarity and setting a balance between innovation and risk
  • algorithmic bias - latest thinking on issues around the Human-Machine Interface

Unlocking the economic and social benefits of AI systems

  • application case studies - identifying use cases of AI and how they could apply to different sectors across the economy, improve productivity and meet national priorities
  • high-potential AI technologies - identification of applications at early stages - priorities for funding, investment, and other support mechanisms to support rollout and commercialisation
  • information - notifying users, policymakers and regulators about AI systems and developments

Enabling a flourishing UK AI ecosystem

  • data - creating a framework that allows greater collaboration and ability to share while protecting rights and IP
  • infrastructure - putting in place support to help rollout of AI-based technologies
  • R&D - removing barriers to innovation - issues around funding - tax relief - access to data for improving AI systems - changes to copyright law
  • the AI workforce - UK and global recruitment - creating clear career pathways - opportunities for retraining and career switching - promotion of diversity