Westminster eForum | The Future Role of Data Use & Management

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Service transformation in local government - strategies for innovation, efficiency, collaboration...

Service transformation in local government - the future role of data use and management - strategies for innovation, efficiency, collaboration, skills, partnerships, cyber security.

This conference will examine latest developments and the way forward for using data to transform local government operations and services.

Drawing on real-life experience and case studies, it will provide an opportunity to assess initiatives and strategies for innovation in areas such as transport, planning, and adult social care, and more widely.   

The focus is on practicalities of service transformation as well as opportunities - with discussion on local government digital skills development, cyber security, data standards and transparency, and collaboration with external partners.  

With new leadership in central government, delegates will also discuss the future direction of national policy affecting the delivery, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of digital council services following the publication of the UK’s Digital Strategy White Paper, and as the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill progresses through Parliament.

Overall, sessions in the agenda look at:

  • Efficiency of data use across council operations - cost-effectiveness of digitalisation and impact on council budgets
  • Initiatives and case studies - key areas of delivery for improvements in data use in local government services, including:
    • machine learning and AI
    • local development and spatial planning strategies
    • adult social care
    • local transport operations, traffic management, and public infrastructure development
  • cybersecurity and data protection - strategy and best practice in local government - incident prevention and response
  • skills development - growing council workforce competence for digitally-led services
  • transforming services used every day - learning from innovation and use of data to make improvements in areas such as parking, waste services, and high streets
  • implementation and collaboration - enabling better data sharing policies with public sector operators - accessibility and ease of use in procurement and contracting of digital services
  • data management and storage - key issues for standards, transparency, and regulation of public service data
  • policy priorities - creating a joined-up services ecosystem for digital government - interoperability - aligning data strategies

We are pleased to offer keynote sessions with Councillor Peter Fleming, Leader, Sevenoaks District Council; and Chair, LGA Improvement and Innovation Board; Ingrid Koehler, Head of Content, Local Government Information Unit; Dr Andrew Larner, Chief Executive, Improvement and Efficiency Social Enterprise; and Dan Patefield, Head of Programme, Cyber and National Security, techUK.

The conference will be an opportunity for stakeholders to consider the issues alongside key policy officials who are due to attend from the Cabinet Office; and DHSC.