WM5G | 2nd Connected Healthcare Programme - Modules 1-3

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Series of event hosted by West Midlands 5G

About the Programme

The Connected Healthcare Programme is designed for businesses and organisations working with or in the healthcare sector who are interested in developing digital ways to do things better.

Join us and discover how 5G works and how it is going to truly transform healthcare.

Hear about the benefits of  5G, what makes it different to existing technology and begin to devise ways to show how it can help your organisation. The course is 6 modules over 2 days, be sure to book both days to cover all modules.

The Connected Healthcare Programme is fully funded for SMEs in England with less than 250 employees*

About this event

Split into 6 modules the Connected Healthcare Programme is designed for healthcare organisations to joins us to discover the full advantages of 5G and how it going to transform the Healthcare Industry.

Module 1 – The 5G Triangle? 

  • Dimensions of 5G & its releases (Including Standards)
  • 5G Applications
  • The 5G Environment
  • Where are you within the 5G triangle?

Module 2 – Pillars of Application

  • Prevention, early diagnosis, LTCs and emergency response
  • The Four Key Pillars and the associated Use Cases

Module 3 – Digital Strategy

  • The NHS Strategy to Digital Transformation with SMEs
  • An overview to the key aspects of a business strategy & developing a clear vision for 5G to the service offering
  • The NHS’s Digital Journey